Caribbean Association of Banking and Finance Institutes (CABFI) Fellowship



 Fellowship of the Caribbean Association of Banking and Finance Institutes is an assurance of distinction, which demonstrates both professional achievement and dedication to banking and in particular learning related to banking and finance. Fellows of CABFI are recognized as leaders and therefore have a vital part to play in the development and practice of banking and finance across the region and by their example and support helping and encouraging the professional development of their younger colleagues.


These words should guide the consideration of candidates for election to Fellowship, other than Honorary Fellows who should be persons of distinction in the profession and/or have contributed in a very significant way to CABFI.




Fellows of CABFI
I.He/She shall be a member of a banking and finance institute for at least three (3) years.
II.He/She shall be employed in the banking and finance industry for at least fifteen (15) years and have attained a senior management position. This period may be reduced to five (5) years for an applicant with the status of general manager or equivalent.
III.He/She shall have satisfied CABFI that he/she is a fit and proper person in respect of his/her character to become a fellow and he/she shall furnish CABFI with such particulars as it may require with regard to the nature of his/her official duties.
IV.He/She shall have completed the prescribed examination of CABFI, or such comparable qualifying examinations as approved by CABFI from time to time. A person who has obtained an accreditation of Fellowship or any equivalent thereof otherwise than from CABFI, may be eligible for election as a Fellow by CABFI in its discretion.
V.Where a candidate is the holder of a recognized university degree or other qualification recognized by CABFI as equivalent to a recognized University degree, CABFI may reduce the qualifying period of employment/service to not less than eight (8) years of which at least five (5) must have been spent in a managerial position, and the candidate must submit a presentation in accordance with the guidelines established by CABFI.
VI.Any candidate for fellowship should be proposed and seconded by two (2) existing fellows of recognized banking institutions.
VII.CABFI may recognize prior learning, experience and career achievements as an alternative to the academic requirements if the candidate has been employed in the banking and finance industry for at least twenty (20) years and has been in a senior management position for at least five (5) years.
Honorary Fellows
I. Honorary Fellowship shall be conferred by CABFI upon any person of distinction who, in the opinion of the CABFI, has made a substantial contribution to the association and/or towards the advancement of the knowledge of the theory and practice of banking and finance, and/or have given distinguished and meritorious service to the banking and finance industry. The Honorary Fellow will remain an Honorary Fellow for life.
II. Candidates for the award of “Honorary Fellow” must have worked in the field of banking and Finance for a period of not less than twenty years and would have functioned in a management capacity for not less than fifteen years.
III. Honorary Fellows shall be those individuals who accept election as Honorary Fellows upon the invitation of CABFI in recognition of their distinguished service to the banking and financial community or to CABFI.