Caribbean Association of Banking and Finance Institutes (CABFI) Associateship



Associateship of the Caribbean Association of Banking and Finance Institutes is an assurance of distinction, which demonstrates both professional achievement and dedication to banking and in particular learning related to banking and finance.


The designation, An Associate of CABFI (A, CABFI), is a professional status and awardees have a vital part to play in the development and practice of banking and finance across the region and are therefore expected by their example and conduct to promote and preserve the highest standards of integrity and professionalism





Associates of CABFI (A, CABFI)
All candidate for the Associateship shall fulfill the following requirements:
I. He/She shall be a member of a member Institute of CABFI for at least three (3) years.
II. He/She shall be employed in the banking and finance industry for at least five (5) years.
III. He/She shall have completed the prescribed course of study and obtained the Academic Qualification designated by CABFI, or such comparable qualifying examinations as approved by CABFI from time to time.
IV. He/She shall have satisfied CABFI that he/she is a fit and proper person in respect of his/her character to become an Associate and he/she shall furnish CABFI with such particulars as may be required.
V. Any candidate for Associateship should be proposed by a Senior Management official at his/her place of employment