ECIB Background

The Eastern Caribbean Institute of Banking and Financial Services (ECIB) was established seventeen years ago on the direct initiative of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank(ECCB). It was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization under   the Companies Act of St. Kitts and Nevis on August 20 1996. All commercial banks operating across the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) are subscribers to its Share Capital. The Institute’s mandate is to promote and advance the banking profession and matters of interest to staff of financial institutions by contributing to the continued development of the study and practice of banking and finance. Its main domain is the eight states comprising the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union; however, through collaboration with other regional Training Institutes its area of operation has been extended to include all territories of the wider Caribbean.

ECIB current operational focus is the expansion of Knowledge Capabilities and Human Capital Formation necessary to support quality performance in the banking and finance sector and the development of Social Capital in the wider community. This expanded interface with civil society is based on the need to have a knowledgeable and responsible regional community which, in light of the challenging domestic and external economic environment, makes judicious and objective choices to achieve the ultimate goal which is the enhanced welfare of all the people of the Caribbean.



The enabling motivation that supports the Institute’s activities is, to be recognized as the preferred provider of human resource development training for the banking and finance sector and accepted as an active partner supporting corporate and industry-wide performance improvement efforts.


Investing in the Community

ECIB, as a member of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank family unit, collaborates with ECCB in its Public Education and Community Capacity Building initiatives. The networking with businesses, government and other social partners helps to solve community-wide problems, creates opportunities for transformational impact and serves to propel the OECS region along the path to sustainable growth and development.


Creating a Sense of Shared Space

ECIB has pioneered and installed a videoconferencing network that includes units in all eight OECS countries and Suriname. The facility is being extensively utilized in facilitating interactive events across the region and internationally; thereby allowing for greater information sharing, expanded access to regional and international expertise and exposure to best practices, thus contributing to capacity building and enhanced corporate governance and performance.